This section has answers to frequently asked questions about volunteering.

  • Can I help with KHTI?

    YES! Contact one of the Directors of KHTI in person, or write to the KHTI address and offer your services. KHTI is always looking for people who want to help. Help can consist of many things, from donations of money to donations of materials or time. Donations of materials or time to help with Ducal Prize Tourney and other fund-raisers are always welcomed.

  • Can I help even if I don't have much money to give?

    Of course you can. You can volunteer your time, which is a very valuable donation. If you have something specific in mind that you would like to help with, a statement of what you want to do for KHTI would be useful. If you just want to be helpful, ask us what we need.

    One of the areas in which KHTI really needs help is finding people to act as Officers and Staff, to volunteer to be deputies to them, or just to offer assistance to help them do their jobs.

    The Officers of KHTI currently include the following:

    • A Secretary, who keeps track of what goes on at the quarterly meetings and makes sure that the Directors are aware of the actions which need to be taken at the next meeting.
    • A Chief Financial Officer who oversees the overall financial planning of KHTI and who takes care of the taxes and required reports.
    • A Fundraising Coordinator, who arranges for ways for KHTI to raise money. A Publications Coordinator who supervises the Update Editor and Webmaster.

    On the Staff we have:

    • The Treasurer, who takes care of the week-to-week financial dealings.
    • A Publications Coordinator who supervises the Update Editor and Webmaster
    • The Treasurer, who takes care of the week-to-week financial dealings.
    • The Update Editor, who takes care of publication of the quarterly KHTI Update and who is expected to help with general publications of KHTI.
    • The Webmaster, who manages the KHTI electronic presence
  • What else can I do to help?

    Paperwork and the tasks of running the corporation are not the only things that you can do to help. We also need lots of help looking for potential pieces of land, any one of which might turn out to be the piece. We also need help making contacts with people who have the skills we will need after we buy land, from those who know how to run a back hoe or chain saw to those who are able to pick up heavy rocks. We need sites to hold our fundraising events, autocrats to run them and people to help with the many other tasks involved in holding a successful event.

  • How do I become a Director?

    Send a skills resume to the Secretary at the KHTI address. This resume should tell us about the skills that you would bring to KHTI. We hold the resumes on file for a period of two years so that we always have a number of applicants on file to choose from. At the end of that period, if you have not been chosen as a Director, you may indicate your interest again, and your file will be continued as active.

  • That all sounds so formal. Is it really necessary?

    It doesn't have to be all that formal. We need to know what your skills and experience are, but it doesn't have to be all neatly formatted and laid out (unless that is relevant to the job you are applying for). A simple letter explaining why you want to help and what you think you can bring to KHTI is sufficient. And, yes, it is necessary. We need to know who is working for us and in what capacity. Certain aspects of our insurance coverage demand this.

  • How are Directors chosen?

    New Directors are chosen by current Directors from a list of applicants on file. The terms are three and a half years in length, with individual terms being staggered by six months to maintain continuity on the Board.