About the land

This section has answers to frequently asked questions about KHTI

  • What is KINGDOM HISTORICAL TRUST, INC. (KHTI, aka The Land Fund)?

    KHTI is the immediate descendant of the West Kingdom Land Fund of the SCA, Inc. It was formed to place legal separation between the SCA, Inc. and land ownership, and to provide more local control of the Land Fund. By having this "space" we gain some protection. If the SCA is sued, only the SCA's assets can be attached. If KHTI is sued, only KHTI's assets can be taken.

    KHTI is incorporated in the State of California as a 501(c)3 non-profit educational corporation with very similar goals to the SCA, Inc., but with the additional goal of raising money for purchasing and improving land for use by medieval re-creation groups. The solicitation and management of these assets is overseen by a Board of Directors, who are known formally and collectively as Kingdom Historical Trust, Inc. or KHTI. However, we still call ourselves the Land Fund; that's what we are.

  • Are donations to KHTI tax-deductible?

    We are a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and cash donations to KHTI are deductible in full on Federal and CA income taxes subject to the usual regulations. Donations of prizes and auction items are also deductible. However, the money you spend at auction or to obtain prizes is only deductible in amounts over the value of the items obtained.

  • Is KHTI part of the SCA, Inc.?

    No, we are a separate non-profit educational corporation.

  • Is KHTI part of the Kingdom of the West?

    No and yes. It is not part of the West Kingdom in terms of the organization of the SCA, Inc. However, it is run by Westerners to benefit the Kingdom and draws its support from the populace of the West. Neither the SCA, Inc. or any of the other Kingdoms have any claim on the money collected and managed by KHTI.

  • What is the purpose of KHTI?

    The purpose of KHTI is to enhance the study and re-creation of aspects of medieval culture, especially through the providing of a suitable site for such re-creations. The KHTI Directors will continue to raise money and look for land to purchase, and then will administrate the land.

  • What is the KHTI Update?

    KHTI Update was a newsletter which was published on a semi-regular basis. It had things like information about what happened at meetings of the Board of Directors. It hasn't been published for some time because we don't have a volunteer to do it.

  • What is the KHTI address?

    Kingdom Historical Trust, Inc.
    3334 California Street
    Berkeley, CA 94703