About the land

You can find out about KHTI, what criteria we are using for the land search, volunteering and fund raising listed here.

  • Will there be site fees when the SCA uses the land?

    Yes. Even if the land is fully paid for (which it probably won't be for several years), we will have to deal with construction costs (road building, clearing brush, sewage installations), maintenance costs (gardening, improvements, general upkeep), and other costs associated with owning land (insurance and taxes). The SCA will be asked to pay a fee for the use of the land, and that will determine the site fee charged for the event.

  • How high will the site fees be?

    We don't know. That will depend on the price of the land, our running costs and on the attendance at events held on the land. We will keep the fees we charge to the SCA as reasonable as we can.

  • What will be built on the land?

    First and foremost, parking areas and roads. After that, water distribution systems, privies and perhaps showers (hot if we can afford them, cold if we cannot). Donations of time, expertise and materials will be especially valuable at that time.

    All plans for building beyond this minimum are speculation. Until we get the land and know the zoning, we will not know what buildings will be suitable or even if permanent structures will be allowed. Further, we won't know how things will be laid out until we actually start to camp on and use the land we get. Finally, if we do not get the support of the populace for improvements, they won't be made.

  • Who will do the work on the land?

    You, and you, the staff of KHTI, and you, too. Work parties will be organized on a regular basis, led by those who have the appropriate skills. Those who can't use a back hoe can move rocks from one place to another; those who can't do that can make dinner for the workers. Our time is valuable, but it is our own to give. Commercial firms will be hired where appropriate and necessary -- for instance, to dig wells.

  • Can I/we put a ___________ on the land?

    Until we actually have the land, this is an extremely theoretical question. We do not know how much room we will have, or what the configuration of the land will be. Thus we cannot guess at the availability of space for various projects. If you sincerely feel that a certain addition to the land will be a real enhancement for events, you might carefully assess the cost of materials and labor to build it, draw up plans, and prepare a presentation for the Board of Directors, to be delivered after we have purchased the land. Such a presentation should include:

    • A convincing argument for putting this particular structure/ improvement on the land.
    • Documentation for the style proposed for the structure, showing it to be appropriate to the purposes of historical recreation of the Middle Ages.
    • A complete set of plans and cost estimates.
    • A reasonable schedule for construction (how long it would take and how many people would be needed to do it, etc.)
    • Your source of funding. While we will have a reserve for capital improvements of the land you can not necessarily count on KHTI for full funding.
  • Is a Great Hall for Twelfth Night going to be built?

    As has been demonstrated in the past few years, a hall capable of comfortably holding a gathering as large as the West Kingdom's Twelfth Night is a multi-million dollar building. Investing that much in a hall which would be fully used only once a year would be an unnecessary extravagance (even if we had the money). There are currently no plans for building a Great Hall on the site, for Twelfth Night or for any other purpose.

  • What kinds of buildings/structures might be put on the site?

    There have been several things proposed in the past. These include period-style seating around the Eric, with spaces for fighters to rest underneath. If this were built, camping would no longer be around the Eric, but in a "village" nearby. Another proposal was for a building which would contain classrooms for seminars and Collegium. If this were constructed with moveable internal walls it could also be used for small revels. Other things which have been mentioned include horse facilities, a permanent bardic fire pit, a market square, a chapel for weddings, and storage facilities. While none of these are impossible, they would all be considerations for some years in the future, even if we find the right piece of land soon. Building codes and the actual zoning of the land will be important considerations in these decisions.

  • Will there be a caretaker living on the land?

    Not at first, although we will have some person or group of people keeping an eye on it for us, either the local SCA branch or the farmer living next door. If we develop the land to the point where it would be attractive to vandals, that could change.

  • Will there be permanent campsites for individuals or groups?

    There are no provisions set up for establishing permanent campsites at this time, and any change to that would probably be at the Kingdom rather than the KHTI level. In fact, the first few events on our own land will definitely run in the current standard West Kingdom manner. This may or may not change over the course of time, but if it does change there will be some good reason for the change. There have been persistent rumors that large donations will obtain choice permanent camping spots. This rumor is false. However, the Directors of KHTI will cheerfully accept your check anyway!

  • Who will be able to reserve the site?

    The policies of KHTI give first priority to the SCA's needs in reserving the land for scheduled events. We would prefer to see the site open to as many SCA groups as possible. It will be available for Kingdom of the West and central Principality's events, inter-Kingdom events which the Kingdom of the West is hosting, and work parties. It may eventually be available for week-long seminars and Collegiums and for local branch events.