Kingdom Historical Trust Inc.

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Kingdom Historical Trust, Inc. (KHTI) is a non-profit educational organization devoted to encouraging the study and recreation of aspects of the European Middle Ages, with a special emphasis on developing a permanent site for such activities and the use of other historical re-creation societies.

News Updates

In 2016, KHTI purchased 117 acres of land in Mariposa County. We are in the process of obtaining the permits we need to operate properly. Fund-raising will continue as usual -- both to pay for expenses and for capital improvements.

The following projects have been completed:

  • Water testing is done
  • Well project is completed and potable water is flowing
  • Biological survey portion of the use permit is nearly complete

Ducal Prize 2018 was a success.  Many thanks to the staff and attendees for supporting the event! 

Ducal Prize Tournament 2019 will be held Labor Day weekend. Location is yet to be determined. See our Facebook page for more details as they develop.